Seattle tech advisory board names 2014 committees

The Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) established its 2014 committees at their meeting last night.  There are 3 Standing Committees (Broadband, Public Engagement and Get Online) and 4 Ad Hoc Committees (Privacy, Indicators, Technology Matching Fund, and E-Gov).

The initial members of each are listed below. This includes Board members and additional community volunteers. The Board members will reach out to last year’s committee participants and welcomes other community members who wish to participate.  If you are interested, leave a comment here or send an email to

Standing Committees
(* denotes initial convener, ** denotes second convener; in some cases these may be the current chairs or co-chairs of those committees. Chairs are to be confirmed at the next committee meeting.)

Broadband (including cable franchising)
*Brian Hsi
** Daniel Hoang
Beryl Fernandes
Dorene Cornwell

Public Engagement
* Phillip Duggan
Dana Lewis

Get Online
* Stacey Wedlake
Phillip Duggan
Nourisha Wells
Ben Krokower

Ad Hoc Committees

Technology Matching Fund Grant Review Committee
* Stacey Wedlake
Ben Krokower
Dana Lewis
Leah Altaras
Will Pugh

Brian Hsi
Ben Krokower (
Dorene Cornwell
Nourisha Wells

Beryl Fernandes
(Brian Hsi)
(Dana Lewis)

[No members yet]

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  1. Dean McBee says:

    I would like to serve on the Privacy and E-Gov committees.

    Dean McBee

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