2014 CTTAB priority setting process

[Updated post note: This was approved at the January 2014 CTTAB meeting]

This is a proposed draft and timeline of the process for setting CTTAB’s 2014 priorities, to be discussed and reviewed at the January 14, 2014 CTTAB meeting.

  1. February CTTAB meeting:
    Mayor, Council and DoIT staff share priorities and ideas for 2014 CTTAB
    Public commentary about CTTAB yearly priorities welcome
  2. after February CTTAB meeting:
    Recap is posted (pulled out from minutes) to CTTAB blog
    CTTAB members encouraged to share with communities & get members of public to post comments & input about additional or mentioned priorities.
    Members of community encouraged to comment and provide feedback and additional ideas
  3. March CTTAB meeting:
    Discuss Mayor/Council/DoIT priorities presented in February
    Discuss public comments, additional ideas for priorities
    Determine committees needed (Proposed: TMF/Digital Inclusion; Public Engagement/Communications; Broadband/Cable) & roles (example – PE/C to host 1-2 public forums based on issues tasked to CTTAB – like fiber and/or tech indicators)
    Sign up CTTAB members (min. 2/committee) & volunteers from public to each committee
    Identify any short term tasks needed, such as signing up for TMF workshops
  4. after March CTTAB meeting:
    Each committee meets & determines chair/vice chair and/or other roles needed; begins drafting workplans
  5. April CTTAB meeting:
    Committees introduced & give preliminary workplan update to CTTAB
    CTTAB members provide feedback and additional input on workplans to committees.
  6. after April CTTAB meeting:
    Finalize committee workplans