July 2 Get Online Learning & the Web meeting notes

Get Online Learning & the Web Committee Meeting
Kick-off Meeting Agenda
July 2, 2014

Attending: Sean McDonald, Jon Madamba, David Keyes, Vicky Yuki

Item 1: GO Jobs & the Internet (20 min)

  • Statistics
  • What’s been done so far
  • Ideas for enhancing the user experience (brainstorm)

2,750 users; 6,430 sessions; 6,873 page views; 2200 new visitors; 4230 returning visitors

18,000 leaflets; 100 posters distributed to approximately 20 organizations and all the public library branches

Background discussion on why we do Get Online:

  • How to use the Internet effectively and safely for this topic
  • Build awareness that there are great, easy to use resources online for this.
  • We (the city) are the connector: help people get to the next step to connect in person with a resource.
Item 2: GO Learning & the Web (30 min)

  • Ideas (brain dump)
  • 3 main points
  • Site features

Planning goals:

  • Keeping content very simple (not just a laundry list of links)
  • Build awareness of great easy to use resources online around a particular topic
  • 3-6 tips on how to use the Internet safely and effectively for this particular topic
  • Being the connector – someone has to be the helper to the next step, visiting locations, referrals, continuity of the referral – being consistent

Brainstorming Learning:

  • Resources that don’t require downloads – possibly using flash
  • Cloud learning opportunity
  • How to be an online learner
  • Online learning resources
  • Parents: homework help
  • Getting started with STEM

Run a campaign with incentives (prizes):

  • Best job stories – Building a question into the lessons – the ones who are learning will say something, those who aren’t won’t
  • Examples where they were able to use these resources easily

Result of calls – what was the success of them accessing affordable internet based upon our referral – how challenging is the process? (Vicky to connect with Connect Up)

What are the learning obstacles:

  • where do I go to get online
  • I don’t have the software
  • my connection is too slow

Understanding the user experience – what obstacles – what would be a better vehicle?

  • Video
  • Interactive activities/incentives
  • Partnerships
  • Presentations to groups on how to use it – exploring, promoting, re-engaging

Measures of Success – how can we best measure this?

  • Calls or emails about low-income access:  Follow-up/success in getting the low cost Internet
  • Clicks
  • Use of the content?
  • Adoption of the content by organizations
  • Sign up for announcements (email)

Future topic idea:

Keeping your computer running?


  • How to use OpenOffice with Word
  • Cloud computing
Item 3: Follow up (identify), next meeting (10 min)

Vicky will put a brainstorming document up on google drive by Monday.

Next meeting in one month