Seattle: How online are we? May 22nd, 6 pm

Please join us for a public event this Thursday,  May 22nd, 6-8 p.m. at Seattle Goodwill’s new training center as we release new findings on technology access and adoption by Seattle residents.

Learn what more than 2,600 residents who participated in phone and online surveys and focus groups in multiple languages had to say about their use, concerns, and barriers to using the Internet, social media, cable TV and online government services.  We will also present information about how to communicate with immigrant and refugee communities.  This forum is being presented by the Department of Information Technology and the City’s Technology Advisory Board, with assistance from the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and Seattle Public Library. Copies of the report will be available at the event and released online after the event.

The new report includes information about:
Do residents have more laptops or smartphones? Is everyone using Facebook now? Which is more important, better Internet speed or price?  How do people want to give their opinion or get community information? How do people use high speed Internet and cable TV? How can education, business, social services and government use this data to help close the digital divide and reach diverse residents?

Location: Seattle Goodwill’s training center is located at 700 Dearborn Place S, at the northwest corner of South Dearborn and Rainier Ave, just off the I-90 Dearborn exit or #7 or 9 bus.  Free parking is available. See it on Google Maps

For more information about this event, contact: or call 206-233-7877 or visit