May 13, 2014, 6-8 pm Agenda

Draft agenda for the May 13, 2014, 6-8 pm meeting of the City of Seattle Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB)

Comments can be sent to for distribution to the Board or posted via Twitter including a mention of @CTTAB or the #CTTAB hashtag.

This meeting will be held: in Room 2750 (27th floor)
Seattle Municipal Tower: 700 – Fifth Avenue

May Presenting Time
Intros, agenda approval 5
Minutes approval (See April 8 minutes) 5
Acting Chief Technology Officer (CTO) report Sabra Schneider 7
CTTAB role in CTO selection process Ben Krokower 10
Committee descriptions 3
Technology Matching Fund (TMF) project recommendations and vote TMF Committee:Stacey Wedlake & Delia Burke w/Vicky Yuki, David Keyes, Committee members 20
Response from Wave on low-income broadband services

Wireless/last mile options

Broadband & Cable Committee: Brian Hsi, Daniel Hoang

Wireless subgroup: Beryl Fernandes

May 22nd “Seattle: How Online Are We?” public forum Public Engagement Committee: Dana Lewis/ Phillip Duggan;
Indicators Committee: Brian Hsi
Staff: David Keyes
Get Online: Jobs Campaign launch Get Online Committee: Stacey Wedlake, Vicky Yuki 10
Open broadband performance survey, customer service tracking E-Gov Committee: Rob Dolin 10
Seattle Privacy Coalition (SPC) Proposal to City Council Privacy committee: Beryl Fernandes 15
Wrap of decisions/ next steps 5
Upcoming events


See the great results of the May 1-4 Hack to End Homelessness event that was promoted at our last meeting: