Broadband and Cable Committee Update

The B&C committee met on January 27th at 6:30 PM at O’Asians as regularly scheduled.

In response to the last Board meeting, we agreed to draft a letter to Wave asking if they could offer a low income plan similar to the Comcast Internet Essentials. Since Wave and Comcast business areas do not intersect, residents in the Wave area do not have an opportunity to subscribe to a low cost Internet plan. Additionally, we will draft letters to Comcast and CenturyLink asking for participation levels in their respective low income plans.

A group of stakeholders are meeting with SDOT to discuss right of way access for CenturyLink communication cabinets.

We discussed the news since the Gigabit Squared plan was terminated.

Comcast community needs assessment work continues. The Board will have an opportunity to provide additional inputs in the future.